The department provides specialised care of patients of TB & Respiratory diseases, and has Indoor Facility with 30 beds (15 male & 15 female). The department also has Daily OPDs as well at a DOT Centre.
The department also boasts of several advanced instruments and equipment like Fiberoptic Bronchoscope, Video Bronchoscope, Spirometery, Hyp’Air Compact Pulmonary Function Test System having facility of Spirometery& Diffusion to name a few.
MGUMST Department of TB & Chest Diseases also has an advanced teaching and training program which consists of twoPG degree in MD Respiratory Medicine since 2012. The UG Teaching includesweekly theory lectures total along with other activities and PG Teaching includes seminars, case presentation, case discussion of interesting and diagnostic problem cases, journal club, faculty lecture, thesis progress, ground round bed side clinical teachings, classes on x-rays/CT.

Research & Publications


  • 50 publicationsof Dr.V.K.Jain(Prof & Head)
  • One publications of Dr. Mahesh K. Mishra
  • Three Books and one manual written by Dr.V.K.Jain(Prof & Head)

Research Projects:-
One ICMR multi-centric study of national prevalence of Asthma Atopy 2008-09.Published in 2010.