The Microbiology Department of MGUMST is equipped with the most modern technologies, infrastructure and teaching facilities.
It has an Air Conditioned Lecture Theatre with seating capacity of 350 students, two demonstration rooms for 150 students, one seminar room cum department library equipped with latest editions of Books & Journals, two large Practical labs for undergraduate students, one departmental research lab, Departmental Museum with adequate specimens, chart, photographs etc., well equipped Bacteriology, TB, Mycology, Parasitology, Virology, Immunology & Serology labs in college for Investigations, a service lab in the Hospital, adequate accommodation for all staff members.
The department also provides many services like direct microscopy for Bacteria (Diphtheria, Gonococci, Meningococci,  Pneumococci etc), Microscopy free forTB, Fungus, Parasites in Blood & stool, culture & sensitivity for Bacteria, culture &identification of Mycobacteria, culture & identification of Fungi, immunoassay  tests, Hepatitis markers (HBsAG, antiHCV), RA, CRP,ASLO, WIDAL, VDRL, TPHA, Dengue, Malaria antigen, Pregnancy test, Mantoux test, ELISA tests – TORCH, ANA, ACA, IgM Chlamydia, HIV testing & Counselling.
The Department is well equipped to conduct all the above mentioned investigations including ELISA Reader & a deep Fridge at – 20oC to store different sera.We have also added 2 new instruments to the Department.

  • BACTEC 9050 by BD (Becton Dickinson) Automated, continuous monitoring blood culture system for Rapid growth of Bacteria.
  • MGIT (Mycobacteria growth Indicator Tube) by BD for early detection of TB in culture.

The Microbiology Department is also has a very good teaching program where UG & PG teaching is done as per MCI norms. Audio-Visual Aids like LCD, OHP, and Black Board are used routinely to make the subject interesting & move informative.For UG Teaching Theory, Demonstrations &Practicals are held regularly & during Practicals, hands on training for different staining & culture methods, serological tests is done for Identification of Micro- organisms & Parasites.Monthly seminars & unit tests are also held. For PG teaching there are Weekly seminars & Journal clubs, rotational posting in different sections of Microbiology in Hospital & College, they also have to maintain a log book & also write a dissertation and have to attend a national conference &present a paper.
Collaborative Projects
We Have Collaboration with Government programmes like RNTCP & NACO to provide better facilities to help peoples & patients.

  • RNTCP  -(Revised National TB Control Programme)
    • RNTCP Designated Microscopy centre since July 2007 providing free sputum examination for TB
  • ICTC – (Integrated Counseling& Testing Centre ) Since July 2009
    • A NACO (National AIDS Control organization) Certified facility for Quality HIV testing &counseling.
    • HIV testing is done on nominal charges of Rs 75 only

Collaboration with PGI Chandigarh

  • Blood culture isolates of Salmonella typhi for genetic analysis
  • Stool Samples of acute diarrhoea cases for complete analysis.

Research & Publications

Papers/ Posters Presented by the Department in last 1 year

  • HIV – TB Coinfection

Dr.GopalKashyap, Dr.Sweta Gupta at National Conference “Tuberculosis a global challenge” at IGMC, Shimla June 2011

  • Bacteriological Profile & antibiotic Susceptibility pattern of ear swabs.                                         Dr.SunitaAgarwal, Dr.Sweta Gupta at Rajasthan State ENT Conference, MGMCH (AOICON ) October 2011


  • Diagnostic Methods for female Genital TB leading to Infertility: A comparative study.

Dr. Dinesh Jain, Dr.Sweta Gupta National Conference of IAMM, BHU, Varanasi                                               November 2011

Paper Publication
Dr.GauravDalela, Dr.Sweta Gupta, Dr. Dinesh Jai Antibiotic Resistance Pattern in uropathogens at tertiary carehospital at Jhalawar-Jour.Of Clinical & Diagnostic Reasearch. 2012- May (suppl-2) Vol- 6(4)645-651