The dean of each school serves as its chief administrative officer and is responsible to the president through the vice president for academic affairs.

The deans play a major role in the formulation and implementation of the University's academic goals and educational policies.

Deans have specific roles and responsibilities for their academic units:

• Responsible for the supervision and development of all resources of the school, including instructional and research programs, faculty and teaching staff, physical facilities and financial resources
• Presides at faculty meetings of the school
• With the faculty, develops school policies following University guidelines
• Recommends appointments, promotions and tenure, based on recommendations of the school's departments or faculty
• Prepares annual and long-term budgets with assistance of the faculty
• Controls expenditures of the school in consultation with the vice president for academic affairs
• May request and defend the need for further allocations of funds
• Responsible for leadership in attracting external funds to the school for development of facilities, programs and staff

The Deans of MGUMST are:
Dr. G.N. Saxena
Medical College
Dr. Narendra Padiyar
Dental College
Mr. Giriraj Soni
M.G Nursing College
Dr. Saleem Akhtar Naqvi.