Seating arrangements are such that they comply with fire regulation of "not more than 7 seats" away from any aisle.

Air Conditioning
A "state of the art" screw type 300TR a/c compression (water cooled) with 100% stand by provided to cater not only to the auditorium and the stage but also to condition the western and northern covered foyers on the ground, first and second levels. The entire system is divided into 9 different air handling units and modern computerized BMS monitors the functioning of the system.

Fire Systems and Protection
A "State of the Art" analog addressable 2 loop fire alarm system protects the entire auditorium with a plethora of Ionization Track Smoke Detectors, rise of temperature detectors, break glass pill boxes. Electronic dampers for the air chutes. Automatic water sprinkler systems for the stage and green room facilities. Fire fighting ring mains and wet risers along all staircases.

Power System
A stand by diesel Generator of 125 KVA capacity is installed for emergencies.
An external power source from the neighboring transformer station of 63 Amps, 3-phase supply is also provided.

The Lawn next to the auditorium is a versatile venue that provides the perfect location for any event. Set in 2 acres of grounds in the centre of the campus area, it boasts some of the most magnificent views over the natural surroundings.

Canteen: A large canteen is located on the ground floor foyer.